America's Finest Hats, Period.

"J.W. Brooks is a hat maker that does not just turn out another cowboy hat. Each hat is a work of art. Each custom hat is crafted by western artist, J.W. Brooks, dedicated toward the perfection of quality, style, look and feel with a concentration on the significance of true western individualism. He believes even though cowboys and western heritage seem to be classed under one heading, the true meanings are defined by the individual character and style. With millions of people throughout the years, separating themselves from everyone else by even the slightest modification to one of the most historical icons through history, the cowboy hat has no limitations. With only your imagination being the limit, there is no one else to trust in your pursuit of style than JW Brooks."

Rocco Wachman & Matt Pellegrin

We are the only hat maker making these super, high quality, the-best-of-the-best hats out there right now. We believe our continuing pursuit of quality, realized in our Legacy hat line, has created new benchmarks for the industry! We have the great privilege of taking this legacy into the future!

Neon Cowgirls
Inspired by western fashion icons from the 1940's and '50's such as Dale Evans, Roy Rogers and western fashion designers, Manuel, Nudie Cohen, and Nathan Turk. We incorporated the past with the present with a fashion forward, and often, one-of-a-kind, designed hats. Imagination NOT imitation!

Inspired by some of the most prestigious cowboys and cowgirls, these hats are the foundation of JW Brooks Custom Hat Company. Our traditional 30X hats are 60% beaver, 100X hats are 100% beaver. All hats are handcrafted with the style, crease, and color chosen by our customers.