J.W. Brooks Testimonials

All the good cowboys I know are not only defined by what they do with a horse, but who they are as a cowboy.

Wearing a hat that fits our personality and lifestyle is important. As a matter of fact, even sacred! Nobody messed with my hat! I try even in the worst of times not to lose it.

My choice for the hats that feel the best, fit comfortably, and have the look I want are only made by JW Brooks Custom Hats. These hats are made by a cowboy for cowboys like me. Jody and JW live the western lifestyle and are the real deal!

Al Dunning
I was honored to have won a raffle where I received a custom JW Brooks Hat. Who knew that a custom hat would feel so much, well Everything better: shape, style and the fit is fantastic! I went to their Lipan location and Jody walked me through the process, explained my options and I let her pick my shape (the girl knows her hats!) and she was very good about asking what I would be using my hat for.
We narrowed it down to a chocolate/rust color with a black bound edge. When I received my hat and out it on, both the fit, shape and color was PERFECT!

Thank you Brooks family for your dedication to quality and service!

Retta Collins riding horseRetta Collins
We moved to Texas in 2013. From Hawaii. I started riding in Stock Horse of Texas(SHTX) with my 23yo+ Arabian rescue. I’m a Novice rider and we would come in last in everything, except cow. We were at National Finals Rodeo in Vegas 2014. I had met Jody Brooks at SHTX shows. I had no idea who she was, or that they made hats. Just a nice, friendly woman . She said ,’your horse has a lot of heart’.

I cried, she really did , and it was hard riding a little Arab In quarter horse world. My husband wanted to get me a hat from Christmas. I was overwhelmed at the thought of being a bad rider, except for cow, and showing up in a JW Brooks Hat, and was intimidated by price. They also are ‘show stopper’ gorgeous. It was near the end of the day, and we went to their booth when it was quieter. As Jody reassuringly walked me through the process, assessing meticulously with many questions, to make sure I get the exact hat that would fit my style, which up to this point I didn’t know I had one,….an entourage approached the booth. VP Cheney! My husband was active duty Navy. What an honor to meet this great man. He got fitted for his JW Brooks hat.

It took me to the World SHTX Show in Abilene to wear my hat. It was my horse’s last show before I retired her. Something amazing happened. Instead of being self conscious about wearing my hat, I felt confident. I knew I rode into the show pen and we belonged. My little rescue Hawaiian Arabian deserved that. And we rocked it!

I still wear my JW Brooks hat. I always receive compliments on it. I became very aware of price and quality of other hat companies, I have concluded that my JW Brooks Hat is exceptional quality, a work of art, and you get what you pay for. They are great family people, and I’m proud to call them my friends.

Sandra Eichelberger
Let me tell you why I love a JW Brooks custom hat…

They are:

  • Custom
  • Classy
  • And Made for you.. your style your signature.

In Rain, wind, or hail.. they stay put with comfort and durability.

On the dance floor, in the Arena, on the Cat walk.. my choice is and Always will be a JW Brooks Custom Hat.. .!! You won’t pry it out of my hands. Its the BEST HAT PERIOD!

Wylene Wilson Davis

JW & Jody provide customer service, fit & craftsmanship that is second to none! For over 10 years I can personally say, If I’m wearing a hat, it’s a JW Brooks Custom Hat.

Crystal McPherson in felt hatCrystalRae McPherson
Love the quality and attention to what I was looking for, Best hats out there.
Megan Silveira standing with friendMegan Silveira